5 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Comments

1. Comment on other blog posts. Make your comments insightful, thoughtful and complimentary. Attach your blog address to the comments that you leave.

2. Invite comments, by asking a specific question in your blog post. For example, what do you do to get more blog comments? Connect and share with others by leaving a comment below!

3. Share your blog with people you meet by talking about it face-to-face, linking it on the bottom of your email signature, or posting your most recent posts on facebook or other social site. The more readers, the more likely that people will comment.

4. Make it easy to leaveĀ  a comment. Think about not requiring people to sign-in before they post. If they do, it might just be too much effort for them to leave a comment.

5. Respond to comments left on your blog. Responding to other comments on your blog helps to build relationships with other bloggers.

4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Comments

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  2. I love the title of this post and its content. You have some great ideas for encouraging further comments and therefore networking. The one that many people forget the importance of, is making it easy for people to make a comment. There have been some in the blogging challenge who have made it very difficult to leave comments, due to the tedious process required of signing in etc. So, often I forget to copy my comment and then find I lose it as I have to sign in etc.

  3. Ahh, that happens to me too and now I also copy my replies before trying to send them. How funny. I thought it was just me. Thanks for your input.

  4. Thanks for tip number four: Make it easy. I checked both my class and teacher blog, and one required registration, so I changed it. I will share your tips with my students, too. Thank you!

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